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Patent training workshop held successfully

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The Sinopharm Patent Training Workshop was successfully held in China Intellectual Property Training Center in Oct. 29-31. More than 70 people who work on patent from the headquarters and subsidiaries at various levels attended.
VP and general consultant on legal affairs of Sinopharm, Mr. Bian Junfeng was present and interacted with the trainees. He pointed out that Sinopharm should make the most of the favorable policies of “building innovation-oriented country” and “ruling the country by law”, take the opportunity while Sinopharm is chosen to participate in the state-owned assets reform pilot work, and combining with our special advantages in whole healthcare industrial chain coverage and rich product portfolio, develop the patent-related work surrounding the task of enhancing the group’s comprehensive ability in patent creation, use, protection and management, to make contribution to our pursuit of transiting into innovation-driven and being stronger and better. Mr. Bian commended the group’s legal and patent-related work, spoke highly of the preparations for the training workshop and the trainees’ passion for learning patent business.
The courses of the workshop was set on multiple themes, including patent management in companies, medicinal patent creation, utilization, protection and litigation, and patent protection practice in biologic medicines and traditional Chinese medicines scopes, etc.. The workshop invited experts from Patent Management Division, Protection & Coordination Division, and Patent Reexamination Committee, State Intellectual Property Office, to give lectures, and achieved good results. The trainees understood and learned main contents and essential approaches of patent-related work in companies better through this event, which laid a solid foundation for building patent talents team and experts resources integration. [Reported by Legal Department, Sinopharm]