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1st BCG for treatment launched the domestic market

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BCG for treatment, a National New Drug developed by CNBG CDIBP and related units, launched the domestic market in December 2013 successfully, which fills the blank of bladder cancer therapy clinical applications by biologics and brings the good news to the treatment of bladder cancer. In order to serve better our patients, the product sold by Shenzhen World Wide Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. as agents from March of 2014 ,.
BCG (BCG) is a live attenuated bovis Mycobacterium, cultured successfully by French scientist Ka Mote in 1908 and thus named. For a long time, BCG vaccination is used primarily as a preventive tuberculosis. In 1976, Morales first time successful took it applied it in the clinical treatment of bladder cancer intravesical and BCG significantly reduced the recurrence rate of patients. In 1980, Lamm affirmed the role of BCG treatment of bladder cancer in their prospective study. Then many clinical studies by multi-centers at home and abroad continuously proved that BCG was the standard treatment of high-risk non-muscle invasive bladder cancer after infusion therapy.
Regarding to BCG 's mechanism, people believe that the therapeutic effect is due to inducing local immune response by BCG, and cell-mediated cytotoxic effect may play an important role .
Three global urology treatment guidelines (CUA, EAU, AUA) have pointed out that high-risk non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC), perfusion after BCG therapy can be effective in preventing tumor recurrence, and significantly reduce the risk of tumor progression. Currently, BCG perfusion therapy has become the primary choice of international standards program for treatment after high-risk NMIBC.