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SIBP has been granted four new patents in the 2nd half of 2013

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After a three-year-examination, in the 2nd half of this year, SIBP has been granted four new patents of “RANKL-HBsAg expression composition, yeast, preparation method and application”, “Vaccine against the human papilloma virus and its preparation method and application”, “Anti tetanus toxoid monoclonal antibody and its preparation method and application” and “Monoclonal anti tetanus toxin neutralizing antibody, compositions and uses”.
Year 2013 is critical for CNBG to implement operational control, promote cost reduction and efficiency increase, improve management and enhance performance assessment, and also a key year for SIBP to gain some achievements from implementing its development strategies. Following the the Group’s guidance, to make such inspiring achievements within half a year by SIBP marks its R&D capability has ascended to a new level. These invention patents are all developed by SIBP’s staff independently. Through patent application, the intellectual property rights of the company have been protected, and a solid foundation for SIBP applying for high and new tech enterprise and the review thereof has been laid. [Reported by SIBP]