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Sinopharm issued Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2012

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Oct 31, 2013, Sinopharm released its third corporate Social Responsibility Report to the public. The Report includes six chapters as preface, responsibility management, market performance, social performance, environmental performance and epilogue. Through expounding Sinopharm’s execution of duty and performance in the responsibility management, market performance, technological innovation, credit management, abiding by laws and compliance, solicitude for employees, safe production, environmental protection and redounding to the society with abundant examples and cases, the Report comprehensively displays Sinopharm’s philosophies, system, planning and practice of social responsibility management, truthfully reflecting how Sinopharm fulfills its social responsibilities and the remarkable achievements of integrating responsibility practice into the daily management of the company it has made. The Report has strong integrality, substantiality, readability and innovation. 
As a pioneer in China pharmaceutical industry, Sinopharm has always energetically shouldered up the political, economic and social responsibilities of being a central enterprise, lived up to the corporate credo of “caring for life, attending to health”, taken providing high-quality medicinal products and services to meet the public’s demands for health as its core ideology, and set up a relatively complete social responsibility management system. When sever disaster or fatal epidemic outbreaks, or big event takes place in the country, Sinopharm gives full play of the national medical emergency supply platform, and has made positive contributions in social public health security and people’s health, and promoting the development of the industry.
Sinopharm’scorporate Social Responsibility Report 2012is rated as a four-star and an excellent report by the China Corporate Social Responsibility Report Rating Committee of Experts. [Reported by Office of Board of Directors, Sinopharm HQ]