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Sinopharm International undertook “Seminar for officials of pharmaceutical investment and cooperation in Francophone Countries in Africa” successfully

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July 8, 2013, "Seminar for officials of pharmaceutical investment and cooperation in Francophone countries in Africa” (hereinafter, "the seminar" for short), hosted by Ministry of Commerce and undertaken by Sinopharm International, completed successfully. The seminar opened on June 25, 2013, and lasted for fortnight, with attendance of 14 officials from 8 countries, including Niger, Madagascar and Congo (Brazzeville). It is the 3rd foreign-aid human resource training program undertaken by Sinopharm International in this year and the 6th time for the company to organize such program since 2011. Comparing with previous ones, a significant feature of this time is that the participants were all from health departments, and the one with the highest position is the Secretary-general of Ministry of Health of Niger. 
With the support and assistance from Sinopharm Headquarters and the sister companies, the organizer of the seminar borrowed previous successful experience, combined different forms of teaching and learning, for example, professional lectures, site visits as well as communication discussion, organically on setting curriculum. The organizer invited experts and scholars from Sinopharm and its subsidiaries to give professional lectures, in which the contents of pharmaceutical industry policies in China, the development history and R&D situation of chemical pharmaceuticals and biotech products, traditional medications and modern TCM, current pharmaceutical logistics, and the construction of health care legal system were well introduced and interpreted. The participants paid visits to the representative companies and institutes in pharmaceutical R&D, manufacturing and safety evaluation fields, such as National Vaccine and Serum Institute, Shanghai Shyndec Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., National Shanghai Center for New Drug Safety Evaluation and Research, China State Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry, and held business communications and discussions with persons from various business units of Sinopharm International.
Through the seminar, the officials from Francophone African countries have gotten a comprehensive understanding of China’s national condition and the development of the pharmaceutical industry. It will be helpful in strengthening communications between Chinese and African enterprises. Furthermore, by successfully organizing the seminar, the corporation image of Sinopharm has been propagandized, some cooperation intentions have been facilitated, and an important platform for exporting Sinopharm own brand products and expanding our international business has been built. [Reported by Sinopharm International]