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MMR vaccine of SIBP has passed new GMP certification inspection

Post Time:2013-06-20 [Large Middle Small] View:

May 15 - 19, 2013, a new GMP certification inspection was carried out by Center for Certification of Drug, SFDA. After a long time of thorough preparation on workshop remodifications, validations, revisions and improvements on documents and records, personnel trainings, and through good arrangement, the MMR vaccine of SIBP has passed the inspection. 
During the process of inspection, the inspection team was deeply impressed with the positively upward spirit, prudent working attitude, well-organized on-the-spot management, detailed documents and reports, serious risk assessment, verification and validation of the company. On the sum-up meeting, the experts affirmed the measures taken by the company to lower the quality risks and ensure product quality, but they also pointed out the existing deficiencies.
Passing the inspection of MMR vaccine marks all products of SIBP except BCG vaccine have already passed new GMP certification inspections and lays foundation for fine operation of SIBP. [Reported by CNBG SIBP Co., Ltd. ]