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Sinopharm Dealer Meeting (BIO) 2013 was held in Beijing

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April 10, 2013, Sinopharm Dealer Meeting (BIO) 2013 and Biological Products Exportation Working Seminar was held in Beijing. Leaders of Sinopharm, CNBG, Sinopharm International and related companies and representatives of more than 20 dealers from 9 countries and regions attended the meeting.
On behalf of the organizer, Mr. Zhou Yuxiang, President of Sinopharm International, delivered welcome words. Mr. Zhang Lidong, Vice President of CNBG and Mr. Li Can, Vice President of Sinopharm International, respectively gave presentations on the current situation of biological products exportation and its trend. Mr. Tariq Ahemd addressed a speech on behalf of the dealers. The representatives from International Marketing Center and manufacturers introduced several key products. Afterwards, on the Biological Products Exportation Working Seminar, the attendees from CNBG and Sinopahrm International held adequate discussions on business procedures, development direction, key products as well as brand building, etc., laid a solid foundation for future business.
The meeting is an important event for Sinopharm International to build the global operation platform and promote the exportation for Sinopharm branded industrial products. During the meeting, through various communication and exchange, all participated dealers highly appraised the international operation strategy of Sinophgm, fully understood and supported the business transition in the future. Sinopharm International would take this meeting as a opportunity for further implementing the international operation strategy of Sinopharm and trying to achieve the consolidation and development of exportation of Sinopharm branded products. [Reported by Sinopharm International]