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Sinopharm India Pvt. Ltd. opens

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Jan 11, 2013, the opening ceremony of Sinopharm India Pvt., Ltd. was held in New Delhi, India. Mr. Chen Zhu, Minister of Health, China, related leaders of Chinese Embassy in India, deputies from international organizations in India, leaders of Sinopharm, and representatives of customers and the subsidiaries of Sinopharm attended the ceremony.    
Sinopharm India Pvt. Ltd. was established in the end of 2012 and registered in New Delhi. During the past few years, the business of Sinopharm in India has grown steadily. Sinopharm International and Sinopharm Weiqida, as famous exporter and manufacturer of APIs, intermediates and medical equipments in China, have developed broad cooperation in relative areas with their Indian partners. Sinopharm CNBG, as major EPI vaccine supplier in China, has provided vaccines, for example, JE vaccine, varicella vaccine and DTaP combo vaccine, and blood products, like intravenous gamma globulin, to India for many years. It is worth mentioning that Sinopharm CNBG has made positive contributions to disease prevention and controlling and public health care in India, by supplying accumulated more than 100 million doses of JE vaccines for EPI India, its effectiveness and safety have been widely recognized.
With the establishment of Sinopharm India Pvt. Ltd., Sinopharm will fully integrate its business in India, form a working team, enhance publicity, furthermore, not only purchase pharmaceutical preparations and APIs from India, but also export a series of products, including pharmaceutical APIs, intermediates, preparations, vaccines and medical equipments, into Indian market. Through improving service and quickening supplying and along with its clients, Sinopharm will make contributions to the well beings of the Indian People. [Sinopharm International Submits]