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Hong Kong company and Chinese Academy of Sciences work together in R&D of anti-diabetes drug

Post Time:2012-12-24 [Large Middle Small] View:
A cooperation agreement has been signed between Casigen Pharma (HK) and Guangzhou Institute of Biomedicine and Healthaffiliated withChinese Academy of Sciences (GIBH) on Dec. 14. According to the agreement, the researchers from the two parties will jointly develop new anti-diabetes drugs.
This is the first time for GIBH to cooperate with a foreign-funded company.
In the signing ceremony, the two sides signed "Exclusive overseas license agreement for developing DK3, a candidate drug for treating diabetes type 1.1", the contract amount reaches USD 10 million. The researches will collaborate in-depth in drug optimization and its mechanism study.
Mr. Li Hao, CEO of Hong Kong Casigen Pharma, who is also responsible for this project, said, Casigen would help GIBH to further develop this new drug globally by working together with international teams who has advanced experience in pharmaceutical and bio-technology, try to launch the new drug within 5 years, in order to benefit diabetes patients as early as possible.
Liu Jinsong, director of Structural Biology Lab, GIBH, expressed, DK3 is an anti-diabetes type 1.1 candidate drug, independently innovated by GIBH. The new drug has a brand new chemical structure and mechanism, with high druggablity.
So far, the pre-clinical study of this project has almost been completed. Comparing with other widely clinically used anti-diabetes drugs, it has significant comparative advantages in pharmacy, pharmacodynamics in vivo and in vitro, acute toxicity and pharmacokinetic experiments, and has applied for patents in China, USA, Japan, Europe, Australia, Canada and Hong Kong, etc.. The research team is now organizing the application for clinical trial.
Diabetes has become a epidemic disease in worldwide range currently, which is seriously threatening the health of human. It is estimated that the population of diabetes patients in the world is about 371 million, with the incidence can be defined as an epidemic disease. In China, there are more than 90 million people who are suffering the disease, the number tops the whole world. Treatment for diabetes has become one of the major burdens of public health.
GIBH also signed agreements with other three local pharmaceutical companies on the same day. They will research and develop the medicines for treating sicknesses, such as Alzheimer, leukemia, lung cancer, Hepatitis C and nasopharyngeal cancer, together.
Date: Dec 14, 2012