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Improper use of drugs on children causes 30,000 deafness every year

Post Time:2012-12-20 [Large Middle Small] View:
As an insider pointed out, many pharmaceutical companies are not willing to produce pediatric drugs, because of low margin, long term R & D as well as high cost. That makes the lack of pediatric drugs in the Chinese market and triggers a widespread problem of using adult drugs on children, which leads to unsafe medication.
The data released by Center for ADR Monitoring, MoH, showed the incidence of ADR in children is 12.9%, that rate in newborns is as high as 24.4%. Another group of data highlights the improper use of drugs is responsible for nearly 30,000 deafness in children every year in China. According to a statistic carried out by China Rehabilitation & Research Center for Deaf Children, in China, to over 30% deaf children under 7-year-old, their deafness are induced by adverse drug reactions of overdose.
Prof. Xia Xueluan from Peking University said, not only the safety of the medicines, but whether the specifications are appropriate for children of different ages and whether the administration devices are convenient to quantify for children use should also be considered when related authorities examine and approve pediatric drugs.
Provenance: Xinhua Daily Telegraph
Date: Dec 5, 2012