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CMIC successfully obtained Pharmaceutical Trade License for IVD Reagents and GSP Certificate

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In order to further expand business and continuously improve the capability for development, China National Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. (CMIC) started to apply for Pharmaceutical Trade License for in-vitro diagnostic reagents (IVD reagents) this year. Under the throughly and careful organization and preparation by the leadership and the organizing team, through two phases and nine steps, CMIC smoothly obtained the "Pharmaceutical Trade License of P.R.C", issued by Beijing Drug Administration, for its wholesale business of IVD reagents.
After obtaining the "Pharmaceutical Trade License", the company quickly built a special team for GSP certification and met all requirements for GSP system before the deadline, consequently obtained the "GSP Certificate" successfully.
Hereto, CMIC has fulfilled all qualifications for wholesale business of IVD reagents, which laid the foundation for expanding its IVD reagents sale. (CMIC Submits)