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CNBG National Vaccine & Serum Institute Held the Opening Ceremony Of the New Base

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On Sep. 26th 2012, the opening ceremony of the new base of CNBG National Vaccine and Serum Institute / Beijing Vigoo Bio-pharm Co., Ltd. (NVSI / Vigoo) was held in Yizhuang plant. The former director of National Vaccine & Serum Institute and academician of Chinese academy of engineering Zhao Kai, secretary of the party committee and vice president of CNBG Xie Guilin, chief scientist of CNBG Shen Xinliang, board secretary and director of president office Song Fei, president of Beijing Tiantan biological products Co., Ltd. Zeng Lingbing and all the staff of NVSI / Vigoo gathered to witness this important moment.
The opening ceremony of the new base is presided over by secretary of the Party committee and vice president of NVSI (VIGOO) Xu Limeng. President Wang Yulin delivered the welcome speech; on behalf of the company, he expressed sincere thanks to leaders at all levels and all staffs with their trust and support all the time. He said that the progress and growth of the company is not only the combination of the tireless efforts of all staff but also benefited from the superior leaders’ great attention and vigorously support. All employees of the company shall take this as an opportunity to make every effort to contribute in order to create a new situation.
On the ceremony, Academician Zhao Kai congratulated the relocation and placed ardent expectations of the research and development work for the new type of vaccines henceforth. On behalf of CNBG, Secretary Xie Guilin expressed warm congratulations to NVSI / VIGOO for successful completion of the overall relocation on time and put into operation. He indicated that the overall relocation of NVSI / VIGOO is a great challenge and opportunity to deepen the research reformation and establish a new model and mechanism of an open, cooperative, innovative research management and operation mode. He hopes NVSI would work closely with the Group's "12th Five-Year Plan" strategy, give full play to the advantages of technical resources and capacity, focused on building justified management and operation mechanism and improve the research and innovation system, and construct the company as an open, cooperative R & D platform and also a transformation platform for the scientific research achievements facing the national bio-pharmaceutical industry and make greater contribution to the development and revitalization of the national bio-pharmaceutical industry.
Along with the music of the Sinopharm company song and the sound of festive firecrackers, Academician Zhao Kai, Secretary Xie Guilin, Chief Scientist Shen Xinliang, Pirector Song Fei, President Zeng Lingbing and President Wang Yulin together cut the ribbon for the new base, and the Chief Scientist Shen Xinliang announced that Sinopharm NVSI / VIGOO Yizhuang Base is officially opened.
Facing the new base, new challenges and opportunities, the company and all its employees will regard this as an opportunity to unite as one, pursuit excellence, open a new chapter of development to make greater contribution to the company’s future with a brand new look and posture. [NVSI Submits]