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2012 CNBG influenza vaccine distributor conference was held in Changsha

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September 2-4, the 2012 CNBG influenza vaccine distributor conference was held in Changsha. With the theme of "Confidence is more valuable than gold", CNBG systematically introduced the the market situation, prevention and control strategies, products quality, sales support programs in great details, to encourage the distributors to complete the sales tasks of this year with firmer confidence, more resolute attitude and more effective measures.
Yang Xiaoming, president of CNBG, Zhang Lidong, vice president of CNBG and general manager of Marketing Center, Zhang Xilin, vice president of CNBG, and deputy general managers of Marketing Center, including Wang Menglian, Xu Bin, Xiao Qiyou, Luo Linyun, Cheng Sijin, and CFO of Marketing Center Ouyang Jun, as well as the distributors of influenza vaccine, and directors from Marketing Center participated in the conference which was presided over by Wang Menglian.
Yang Xiaoming, in his welcoming remarks, thanked the distributors’ support over the years and made the arrangements and commitments, such as sales force localization, higher products quality and more market investment to enhance the brand image and sales volume.
Two experts from CDC were invited for presentations on the topics of the status quo and challenges of influenza prevention and control. Representatives from Tiantan Bio, SIBP and CCIBP affiliated to CNBG, made detailed reports on quality of influenza vaccines on behalf of their own company.
Chen Haiping, director of Mmedical Affairs from the Marketing Center, introduced the work plan of safety observation for influenza vaccines. Su Jinfeng, director of Prevention Products explained the support programs for sales. Luo Linyun made the specific arrangement of marketing team for the vaccine.The business partners of CNBG exchanged the sales experiences of influenza vaccines.
Zhang Lidong, made a presentation entitled "Win-win cooperation sustains healthy growth”. He described the company's production and marketing profile, research pipeline and cooperation mode with distributors. He stressed the cooperation with the distributors and customers to further improve the mode, and strengthen their confidence for annual flu vaccines sales tasks.
The conference clarified the sales tasks of flu vaccine, exchanged and communicated with with the partners and played a positive role in the completion of annual flu sales tasks. [Sinopharm CNBG Submits]