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Sinopharm Anyang Logistics Center laid the foundation stone

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August 6, 2012, the foundation stone of Sinopharm Anyang Pharmaceutical Logistics Center, a project invested and constructed by Sinopharm was laid in Beiguan district, Anyang city, Henan province.

Song Zhiping, Chairman of China National Building Material Group Corp. (CNBM) and Chairman of China National Pharmaceutical Group Corp (Sinopharm), announced the construction of the logistics center was started. Chen Xuefeng, Deputy Governor of Henan province, delivered a speech in the foundation stone laying ceremony. Ma Wanjun, Vice President of Sinopharm Group (Holding) Co., Ltd., and some leaders from the municipal government, including Zhang Xiaodong, Ma Linqing, Chen Mingjin, Dai Yijun and Zhang Manru attended the foundation laying ceremony, which was presided over by Ma Linqing, Vice Director-General of the CPC Committee and Mayor of Anyang city.   

In his speech, Deputy Governor Chen Xuefeng warmly congratulated Sinopharm for starting the project and highly appreciated the contributions Sinopharm has made to the prosperous development of Anyang and the medical industry in whole Henan province on behalf of the CPC Henan committee and the provincial government. He said, the construction of Sinopharm Anyang Pharmaceutical Logistics Center is a big event in the process of expanding reform and openness in Anyang as well as building cooperative relation with central enterprises. It is also good for Anyang to implement the modern pharmaceutical logistics planning and speed up the industrial structure adjustment. The establishment and operation of Sinopharm Anyang Pharmaceutical Logistics Center will further shorten the flow of pharmaceutical products, increase the efficiency of circulation, regulate the pharmaceutical distribution order as well as secure safe medication. It has significant meaning to overall pushing forward the integration of the pharmaceutical industrial chain in north Henan province and promoting the management level of pharmaceutical and health care industry in north Henan and even the whole province. 

Zhang Xiaodong said, Sinopharm is the largest pharmaceutical enterprise group in China, a good-sized public company and one of top 100 central enterprises with advanced production technique and management experience. The project of the pharmaceutical logistics center in Anyang, which totally invested 150m yuan, is not only a far-sighted strategic choice for Sinopharm in building the nationwide medicine logistics network and promoting the great-leap-forward development, but also an important strategic collaboration between the municipal government and Sinopharm Group. It will realize a successful association and abutment among the advantages of both sides, such as the location, industry and market advantages of Anyang, and the technology, brand and management advantages of Sinopharm as well. It will greatly push forward the fast development of both the medical industry and the modern logistic industry, accelerate the adjustment of the industrial structure in Anyang as well as expanding new development space for Sinopharm. The CPC Anyang committee along with the municipal government will continuously care for and support Sinopharm and the project. The CPC Beiguan District committee, the district government and related departments should provide a favorable environment and unreserved service for the project to be put into operation as early as possible.   

Next, all the leaders who attended the ceremony jointly earthed up the foundation stone for Sinopharm Anyang Pharmaceutical Logistics Center.

The total project of Sinopharm Anyang Pharmaceutical Logistics Center will cover 50 Mu of land with 15,000 square meters of building. After the completion of the logistics center, it will provide all kinds of logistics services, such as information loading, distribution, packing of the cargoes, shipping agent, cargo transit as well as storage services and so on. The design capacity of the warehouse is about 200,000 packages and the yearly active circulation of cargoes will reach RMB 5 billion, meanwhile, contribute RMB 50 million as profit tax. At that time, it will along with the other Sinopharm logistics centers located in Zhengzhou, Luoyang and Shangqiu cities to form a-whole-province-covered security system for medical supplying, both in rural and urban areas. At the same time, the Anyang center will also take part in the operation of the nationwide logistic network of Sinopharm and furnish the adjacent provinces and cities with medicine distribution service. [CNBM Submits]