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"New Drug Forum 2012 on the 47th New Drugs China" held in Qingdao

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June 29, 2012, the New Drug Forum on the 47th New Drugs China was held in Qingdao. With the theme of "Policy, trend and strategy", the forum was jointly sponsored by Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions, China Pharmaceutical News and China State Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry. The officials from NDRC, SFDA and related government departments along with the famous experts in new drug R&D and the representatives of pharmaceutical enterprises attended the forum. Wang Lifeng, vice chairwoman and party secretary of Sinopharm and chairwoman of Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions, was present and delivered a speech.  

Wang Lifeng said, the Chinese pharmaceutical industry is amid an important transitional period, the new drug R&D has started to transfer from generics to innovative drugs. Some Chinese leading companies have grasped the strategic opportunity to gradually catch up with those foreign companies in China. The booming cooperations in R&D, manufacture as well as marketing, beyond specific techniques, have brought a good opportunity of catching the mutual concerns of government departments, manufacturers, teaching institutions, research institutions and users as well, to guide enterprises to anticipate the trends of policies and market, make product planning and adjust innovation strategies in advance. We expect that the forum could gather the enterprises which have aspiration and ability in innovation, promote the dialogue between government and enterprises, build up a communication and trade platform among domestic industry and foreign companies, so as to infuse a new innovative gene into new drug R&D to advance the transition. 

The discussions revolving around the hot topics, such as the drug evaluation and approval system, pricing policy, public hospital reform, the trend of new drug R&D in the world, clinical applications and how the development of pharmacy pushing forward new drug R&D, etc. were taken. In addition, the "Top 10 Innovative Pharmaceutical Companies" were also unveiled on the forum. [Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions Submits]