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Sinopharm International hosted Seminar for officials of pharmaceutical investment and cooperation in Francophone Countries in Africa

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Following The Seminar for the health sector officials in the Arab countries successfully hosted by Sinopharm International in 2011, this year, with authorization of the Ministry of Commerce, Sinopharm International hosted the "Seminar for officials of pharmaceutical investment and cooperation in Francophone countries in Africa (hereinafter,  "the seminar" for short). 23 health officials from 12 African countries participated in the Seminar which opened on June 6 and closed successfully on June 19, 2012 in Beijing.

The seminar, which was complete in course system and rich in content, invited experts and scholars from Peking University, Ministry of Health and Sinopharm to give lessons, and organized inspection tours in Beijing, Shanghai, Henan etc., visited Sinopharm Shyndec, the National Shanghai Center for Drug Safety Evaluation and Research (NCDSER), China State Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry (CSIPI). The courses covered the whole industrial process of biopharmaceuticals, vaccine production, chemical production, TCM.

During the Seminar, Sinopharm International arranged all the participants to attend "the 3rd China-Africa Health Cooperation International Seminar", which was organized by the Ministry of Health, aiming to work together to strengthen China-Africa Cooperation and discuss the collaboration in the field of health.

Through the Seminar, the health officials from Francophone African countries fully learned the development of China's situation and the pharmaceutical industry conditions. Its also a good opportunity to strengthen the exchange and communication between China-Africa to build an important platform for China-Africa medical investment cooperation, and further propagate Sinopharms image. The Seminar got high appraisal from the participants. (Sinopharm International Submits)