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China State Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry passed the inspection of "Large

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May 30, the the meeting for inspection and acceptance of the national "Large comprehensive technical platform for new drug R&D" ("the comprehensive platform") built during the "11th five-year-plan" period by China State Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry ("CSIPI") was held in the National Pharmaceutical Engineering Research Center ("NPERC"). Sang Guowei, academician and vice chairman of National People's Congress, along with the concerned leaders attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Ma Hongjian, deputy director of China National Center for Biotechnology Development of Ministry of Science & Technology (CNCBD), and academician Zhang Boli.    

As the principal of this project and deputy general-director of CSIPI, Dr. Yu Xiong reported the construction work of the comprehensive platform by CSIPI from five respects: the performance of this project, the raise of service ability, the technical achievements of the platform, the construction of the talent team as well as the innovation on organization management. Under the support from relevant ministries and commissions, through CSIPI's hard work for three years, we overfulfilled the overall assessment indicators, which further highlighted the our characteristics of "strong comprehensive ability, advanced industrial technology research, naturally grounded to the industry". The comprehensive platform has raised our collective new drug R&D capability, accessed a batch of achievements with independent intellectual properties, promoted some of the sub-platforms to international standards, improved the R&D innovative security system, formed a new mode combining with production, education and research and maintained the radioactive power, influence and impetus of CSIPI to the Chinese pharmaceutical industry. 

Through carefully checking and reviewing, the experts drew the acceptance conclusion and gave a high acceptance score of 91.17, ranks the 3rd place just after Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Academy of Military Medical Sciences of PLA.

Sang Guowei gave an important speech on the meeting. He highly appreciated the CSIPI's performance of the construction of the comprehensive platform, recognized and affirmed the overall strength and creative capability of the R&D team from CSIPI and its leading position in the application technology research in China. He remarked his hope of that CSIPI will redouble their efforts during the 12th Five-year-plan period, and push forward the innovation and upgrading of Chinese pharmaceutical industry with more significant R&D achievements.

Academician Hou Huimin and the members of this project leadership committee, executive committee as well as the principals of each sub-platform from CSIPI attended the meeting. [CSIPI Submits]