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A kind remind from the British pharmacologist: Abuse of gentian violet may cause cancer

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Crystal violet (gentian violet) is a home standing external used medicine which is widely used in the wound, mucosal ulcer, eczema, small area burn treatment, etc. Clinically, it has served us for nearly a century.
In recent years, a toxicological experiments done by British pharmacologist has concluded a shocking result: gentian violet is a potential carcinogen! Researchers smeared crystal violet on laboratory mice skin and let the mice systematically absorbed the gentian violet. After a period of time, they found that all these mice have got cancer. Thus, the Britain's Ministry of Health issued a notice of newly regulating to the use, scope and packing instruction of crystal violet. The notice has narrowed down the use of crystal violet to the following area to prevent its possibility to cause cancer: it can only be used for local unbroken skin, strictly prohibited to internal use, oral use, or smear on the places, suce as mouth or anus, urinary tract mucous membrane or damaged skin wounds.
In view of this, the clinical use range of gentian violet has now been greatly reduced; doctors generally apply other more effective drugs for external use to deal with the skin, mucous membrane of pyogenic infection. Please note that do not abuse gentian violet, especially on delicate skin and mucous membrane place, such as oral, urethra, etc..
Date: Jan 10, 2013