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Breastfed helps babies smarter and stronger.

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British researchers found that with breastfed, babies will grow up with higher IQ, healthier body and less behavioral and weight problems.

British "Guardian" reported yesterday researchers from University of Essex and University of Oxford took two years to explore the influence of breastfeeding on the child's physical and mental development. However, the study didn’t considered other elements such like family environment, social class, as well as their parents' education level and others. Academics and health experts believed the government should encourage breast-feeding in mothers from disadvantaged groups, as the main approach to improve social mobility.

The study found that breastfeeding benefits a lot. It reduces the possibility of behavioral problems in children under 5. It is believed that the probability of future behavioral problems in babies with full breast-fed from birth to 4 months was only 6%,; comparing 16% in the babies with milk-fed.

IQ of babies with at least 4 weeks breast-fed, were 3 points higher than others. Moreover, breast-fed can reduce the likelihood of receiving treatment in hospital because of diarrhea or lower respiratory tract infection.

Although the British government spent millions of pounds in the past decade to actively promote the benefits of breastfeeding and encourage more women to breastfeed their children, the United Kingdom is still the country with the lowest breastfeeding rate.

The study also found that there were higher possibility those moms who receive good support in the hospital after childbirth to breastfeed their children, 14.6% higher than others, while 6.6% of them will continue to breastfeed for at least 4 weeks.  



Date: Oct. 10th, 2011