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Sinopharm CMDC with UVD Robots Donates Disinfection Robots to Leishenshan Hospital

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On Feb.29th, the IERA Award-winning disinfection robots from UVD Robots arrived in Wuhan and were deployed in Wuhan Leishenshan Hospital. These high-tech AI machines were donated by China National Medical Device Co., Ltd. (Sinopharm CMDC) jointly with UVD Robots of Denmark for the treatment centers of people infected with COVID-19.


▲Arrival at Wuhan Leishenshan Hospital

Disinfection and sterilization are of utmost importance in curbing the spread of the virus, but they also add much additional work load to doctors and nurses as other staff could not enter the treatment area. Especially in the Leishenshan hospital where patients with acute and critical symptoms concentrate, more frequent disinfection is required. How to make this work easier and have the medical staff focus more on treating the patients?
As a central SOE shouldering the responsibility of ensuring medical supplies, Sinopharm CMDC spared no efforts in the past month to ensure the distribution for anti-epidemic supplies, and meanwhile got in touch with Denmark UVD Robots. The two companies decided to jointly donate disinfection robots to aid the frontline work.
On the morning of Feb. 29th, the first robot arrived at the Leishanshan Hospital in Wuhan. Upon check and acceptance, staff from Sinopharm CMDC started installation and adjustment immediately.

Sinopharm staff installing and adjusting the equipment

Safety, efficacy and efficiency are the most essential factors in choosing a disinfection robot, and UVD Robots lead in all three. Its products had been widely used in hospital’s fever clinics, ICU, operating rooms and other offices in over 40 countries and regions, such as the US, the UK, Australia, Japan and Denmark. Its efficacy and disinfection rate had been passed the test in many European independent microbiology labs and won CE and TUV approvals.

UVD disinfection robots

The Danish UVD disinfection robots have three main characteristics. The first one is 360 ° ultra-high-efficiency sterilization with no dead angle, 99.99% sterilization and no residual pollution. The second one is ultra-high efficiency and intelligent protection. The 25㎡ operating room can be disinfected in just 10 minutes, and a total of 17 operating rooms covering a total area of 200㎡can be disinfected within 2 hours. The robot can automatically charge for 2.5 hours and continuously disinfect 9-10 wards. In addition, its intelligent safety protection design can automatically stop working when people open the door to avoid injuries. As a high-tech product, the third major feature of this robot is fully automatic operation and easy remote control. It can automatically locate the disinfection point to ensure effective sterilization at a close distance within one meter. These three characteristics of the UVD robot can effectively reduce the frequency of people entering the isolation area and the risk of cross infection, and greatly reduce the work intensity of disinfection.
The CEO of UVD Robots said that although their production lines were running to the full, they still could not meet all needs across the world. But helping China to fight the epidemic was their top priority.
Sinopharm CMDC will work jointly with UVD Robots to distribute the disinfection robots to Wuhan Union Hospital, Xiangya Hospital Central South University and other hospitals to aid the fight against the coronavirus. And through this cooperation, Sinopharm CMDC becomes UVD Robots’ exclusive strategic cooperation partner in China.