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Ceremony of Guoda Drugstore as a JV and its first board meeting held in Shanghai

Post Time:2018-09-13 [Large Middle Small] View:

       July 17th, 17:00, the ceremony of Guoda Drugstore as a joint venture grandly opened at Golden Tulip Shanghai Rainbow restaurant. Present at the ceremony were Mr. Guo Jianxin, Party Secretary and Chairman of Sinopharm, Ms. Shi Shengyi, Vice President of Sinopharm, Mr. Stefano Pessina, Executive Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of WBA, Ms. Ornella Barra, Chief Operation Officer of WBA, Mr. Lin Zhaoxiong, General Manager of Sinopharm Accord, Mr. Zhao Xiaochuan, Deputy General Manager of Sinopharm Accord and General Manager of Guoda Drugstore, and other management members and project team members from Sinopharm HQ, Sinopharm Holding, Sinopharm Accord, WBA and Guoda Drugstore. The ceremony began with the opening remarks by Mr. Li Zhiming, Party Secretary and Chairman of Sinopharm Holding.

Mr. Guo Jianxin delivered a keynote speech at the ceremony. He said that this year marked the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up policy and China is deepening the healthcare reform. In such context, the cooperation of two industry-leading enterprises, Sinopharm and WBA, with the aim to contribute to the great cause of China’s healthcare, meant even more. He expressed his congratulation on the JV and hoped that both parties should work closely together with trust and respect so as to achieve mutual benefit, and make Guoda Drugstore a world-class retailing chain with international influence.

Mr. Stefano Pessina and Ms. Ornella Barra delivered speeches respectively, reviewing the extraordinary footsteps to establish the JV and sharing WBA’s experience in successfully explored the international market. They both expressed expectations and good wishes for the JV.

On behalf of the management team of Guoda Drugstore, Mr. Lin Zhaoxiong made commitments on the JV’ s development and expressed the team’s resolution to lead the retailing market.

Witnessed by delegates from both sides, Mr. Guo Jianxin, Ms. Shi Shengyi, Mr. Stefano Pessina and Ms. Ornella Barra cut together the cake symbolizing Guoda’s bright future. Mr. Zhao Xiaochuan and Mr. Dean Thompson exchanged gifts in the hope that the friendship and cooperation between both parties would last long. Lastly, group photo was taken to mark this important moment on China’s healthcare retailing history.

On July 18th, the 2018 first meeting of the first board of directors was held at Guoda Drugstore headquarters, chaired by Chairman Lin Zhaoxiong. Board directors of both sides attended the meeting. There were Mr. Li Zhiming, Mr. Chen Qiyu and Mr. Liu Yong from Sinopharm, Mr. Jacobo Caller (Vice Chairman), Mr. Gustavo Arnal and Mr. Dean Thompson from WBA. The board appointed the general manager and key management personnel of the JV, listened to the half year operation report of 2018 and reviewed the development plan for the JV in the upcoming three years. The directors also discussed and exchanged views on industry policies, development of the JV and operation details and reached consensus on many aspects, laying a solid foundation for the sound running of the JV.