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China National Pharmaceutical
Group Corporation(SINOPHARM)
Address: No.20 Zhichun
Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China
Postal Code: 100191
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Social Responsibility

  Caring for life, attending to health is the corporate conception that SINOPHARM has always been committed to.

    The strong sense of social responsibility has been deep into the heart of every staff of SINOPHARM.
    Aiming at building an industry-leading and internationally competitive pharmaceutical and health industrial group company, SINOPHARM staff has been actively carrying out their political, social and economic responsibility of a central enterprise.
    SINOPHARM and its member enterprises have undertaken the responsibility of medical storage and emergency supply for public health emergencies disasters and epidemics since the day of establishment.
    Looking back into Chinese history, SINOPHARM staff could be found in the article of “For Saving 61 Comrades” and at the emergency sites of various catastrophic disasters, like Tangshan Earthquake in 1976, fighting against floods in 1998, prevention and treatment of SARS 2003, fighting against the snow storm, Sichuan Earthquake in 2008 and prevention and control of H1N1 influenza in 2009.
    In 2003, as a Logistic Member for State Prevention and Treatment of SARS Headquarters, SINOPHARM allocated and supplied anti-SARS medicines and devices to 22 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities under Central Government, as well as special administrative regions like Hong Kong and Macau, which was awarded by the Central Government for its great contribution.
    2008 is a year of daunting challenge to Chinese people. At the beginning of the year, the South China was stricken by extreme snow storm and frozen rain, SINOPHARM staff in Beijing enthusiastically made donations and provided most-needed supplies such as rice to the disaster victims in west Hunan province while ensuring in time delivery of sufficient medicines to the disaster area. On May 12, 2008, Wenchuan County of Sichuan Province was stricken by devastating 8.0-degree earthquake, SINOPHARM staff raced against time and made all-out effort to ensure the medical supplies for disaster relief purpose were appropriated and delivered to the disaster area immediately under the conduction by the central government. SINOPHARM received great acknowledgement from the State-owned Assets Administration and Supervision Commission and State Development and Reform Commission and the Premier Wen Jiabao, for successfully accomplishing the task of delivering centralized medical supplies to disaster area in crisis.
        In 2009, facing the worldwide outbreak of A H1N1 influenza, SINOPHARM acted promptly and went all out, through carrying out a series of activities of research and development, production, emergency storage and supply for A H1N1 vaccines.
    In November 2009, SINOPHARM had won the honor of ‘China’s Outstanding Corporate Citizenship’.
    The glorious history cultivated the culture of SINOPHARM which in turn, the mature corporate culture provides inexhaustible driving force for the enterprise.
    SINOPHARM staff make joint effort and share weal or woe. In the process of building the corporation culture, SINOPHARM adheres to the principle of ‘People Foremost’, cares personal development of each individual, by carrying out varied activities to encourage the mutual growth of individual and the group.
Allocation meeting of anti-SARS pharmaceutical and medical products
Donations to fight against SARS