Director of China National Institutes for Food and Drug Control Visited Sinopharm

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March 1, 2011, Li Yunlong, Director of China National Institute for Food and Drug Control (NICPBP), Wang Junzhi, Deputy Director of NICPBP, Li Bo, Deputy Director of NICPBP and directors of related departments visited Sinopharm for inspection and research. She Lulin, President of Sinopharm, Zeng Bing, Vice President of Sinopharm, Dong Zenghe, Vice president of Sinopharm, Liu Baokui, director of the Department of industry and quality management of Sinopharm HQs, Wang Jie, director of the Department of policy affairs of Sinopharm HQs, Yang Xiaoming, General Manager of Sinopharm CNBG, Yang Zhongdong, vice general manager of Sinopharm CNBG, Guo Yimin, general manager of China National Pharmaceutical Industry Corporation Limited (CNPIC), Feng Dong, COO of CNPIC, Wu Xian, general manager of Sino-TCM, Zhu Hongwu, vice general manager of Sino-TCM all attended the meeting.

In the meeting, President She Lulin firstly appreciated the long term support to Sinopharm by NICPBP, and then introduced the main achievements in 2010 and the growth target of 2011, as well as its 12th-5-year stratragic plan of grow larger by trade, grow better by industry and grow stronger by technology.

Director Li Yunlong introduced recent development of NICPBP, and emphasized its management principle of “obey regulatory requirements, serve for public health” and the work concept of “guard a pass for the nation; fulfill the duty for the people”. He reviewed the good cooperation of NICPBP and Sinopharm in the prevention and control of H1N1 influenza A and other key research projects. He encouraged Sinopharm to continue make its efforts in technology R&D, quality control, international certification and product export, and wished Sinopharm to keep on its sound performance in the future. (Policy Affairs Department of Sinopharm HQ submits)

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