Sinopharm ranks No. 1 in ‘Top 100 nationwide pharmaceutical commercial enterprises of 2009’

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The job of ranking domestic pharmaceutical commercial enterprises with their sales revenue, profit and tax of 2009 organized by China Association of Pharmaceutical Commerce (CAPC) was done. A list of ‘Top 100 nationwide pharmaceutical commercial enterprises of 2009’ was published.

The list entrance baseline rose from 740m yuan of 2008 to 850m yuan of 2009. 8 enterprises’ sales scale exceeds 10 billion yuan, in sequence, they are China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation (Sinopharm), Shanghai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (SPH), Jointown Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., Nanjing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Pharmaceuticals Corporation (GPC), Anhui Worldbest Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Beijing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Chongqing Medicines Co., Ltd.. Among the top 100 enterprises, 18’s sales revenue exceeds 500m yuan, 33’s exceeds 300m, 38’s exceeds 200m and 86’s exceeds 100m. The top 100 list shows Chinese medicine commercial enterprises once again strode forward on the way going to scale.


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